September 2019 Moose Scouting Trips (46 Photos)


Just after labour day weekend Mark French and I decided to head down the Southern Shore to begin some moose scouting ahead of the upcoming fall hunt in October.



We wanted to get more used to our hunting area and get in some exercise walking ahead of the hunting season.



Lay down sites were a great sign of recent Moose activity!







After finding the well trodden path above we decided to set up Mark's game camera to see if we could capture any wildlife activity.



I also took the opportunity to try out my new Leupold range finder which is really convenient to mark off and remember distances to objects to reference in the future when actually shooting.









Blueberries and Partridge berries both aren't quite ripe in this area just yet but seem fairly plentiful.

















A few days later Mark, Matthew and I went back down the shore to check out our camera and were stoked to find a Cow & Calf pass right by the camera! The date & time are wrong and we haven't yet figured out why.





With success on Mark's camera we were eager to set out my camera at a different location that also looked well travelled.

On our way back to town that evening a large Cow crossed the road right in front of us followed closely by this yearling who got disorientated. We eventually got him safely off the road before continuing on back to town.






The following Sunday Mark and I headed back down the shore to check the cameras but found no new activity, probably due to the poor weather experienced since our last visit.



Since Matthew missed out on awesome Sub Sandwiches from Clover Farms in Calvert last time (as the store was closed when we drove by), Mark and I texted him a few pics from tonight's adventure! LoL



Friday evening Mark, Stroh and I headed out to check our cameras and were pleased to find activity on camera 2 from the same cow and calf!







Both animals side by side drinking from the puddle



I was surprised and literally laughed out loud at this big moose head staring right into the camera! What a shot!



It was a beautiful calm evening, Mark tried some moose calls but didn't have any reaction from the wildlife.











Our next trip down the shore was the following Sunday with our Argo's and once again we weren't disappointed. 



On camera 1 we got some awesome new shots of the cow and calf.















Even more exciting were the photos from Camera 2 (with time and date finally fixed by replacing the lithium clock battery) On Friday the cow & calf were captured being followed by a young bull which means the rut is officially starting.





Saturday evening Camera 2 was visited by yet another young Bull which is a great sign of new activity in the area!


Cheers, MIKE

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