June 8, 2019 Sooley Cabin/SJRGC Trapshoot (56 Photos)


56.   Our old buddy Brad Janes like a few of us in the crew is about to try out this marriage business for the second time round. The wedding is next weekend so this past weekend we put together a couple days of adventures for Janes and the crew.




55.   The weekend involved signing up the crew for an introduction to trapshooting event being put off at the St. John's Rod and Gun Club followed by an evening at the Sooley Cabin near Whitbourne.




54.   French and I decided to head out to the cabin early on Friday and enjoy the afternoon trouting from his Argo in the gullies around the Sooley family cabin.
















50.   Shortly after supper Sooley and Maffer arrived so we headed back up the pond to continue trouting well into the nice long summer evening. Weather was ideal with clear sunny skies and cool early summer temps.




49.   French and I headed back up the pond in his Argo while Sooley & Maffer stuck the outboard on the aluminum boat and followed along shortly thereafter.








47.   That evening French and I put together a kick ass tray of Moose Nachos with fresh homemade guacamole and all!




46.   Saturday morning we headed to the St. John's Rod and Gun Club for the introduction to trapshooting course I put off, most of our crew were on hand plus a few of our regular Club Members who also wished to partake.








44.   French and I went over Range & Firearm safety then gave instruction on trapshooting basics before heading out onto the range.








42.   The club does not own firearms to put off an event like this but French, Sooley and I brought along our own collection of shotguns to make the event happen and it worked out very well.












39.   As this was a teaching event, we used an electronic button operated by the scorekeeper to throw targets as opposed to the automatic voice release system which will waste a lot of targets with people talking on the line.












36.   See the target...




35.  ...break the target!
























29.   For lunch we had a fine meal of homemade Chili prepared by Sandra and I along with some fresh rolls.








27.   After lunch we got back to shooting and later in the afternoon did a couple rounds of slider where you step back a couple yards after each shot for 5 shots on each of the 5 stations.












24.   We continued shooting until about 3pm before packing up, cleaning up, and moving some clay targets to the trap houses for the upcoming NF Sportsman shoot being held at the club next weekend. Gotta take advantage of free extra labor whenever you can!








22.   After leaving the gun club and pushing Justin's Firebird up Holyrood Hill with my 7000lb Silverado 2500 we headed west to Whitbourne for a night at Sooley's cabin. The boys wanted to go trouting so French and I hopped in the Argo while Sooley and Maffer towed Learning and Janes in the spare aluminum boat up the pond.












19.   French and I headed over to the back gully and spotted a Beaver swimming towards us later in the evening. When he seen us he slapped his tail and dove just as I snapped these couple pics!












16.   Saturday evening we had a kickass BBQ steak dinner with mushrooms, onions and a Cesar salad.



15.   For the rest of the evening we enjoyed a few sociable's and stories and all the good stuff that makes a great cabin trip!






13.   The following weekend was the main event which stared out with the groomsmen getting fresh haircuts at Tommy Gun's Barbershop in Mount Pearl. This is a fantastic and beautiful establishment that did a great job in fitting everyone in.



12.   After getting into our tuxedos at Janes's house in Southlands and a few pics with the wedding photographer we cabbed it to Honda One and crashed their annual Motorcycle & ATV show! (the one we would have missed because Janes wouldn't reschedule the wedding lol)



11.   Project Foreman spent the week on display on the showroom floor prior to the show modeling its fresh makeover for its 20th birthday since leaving that dealership two decades ago.






9.   J-Lac was onsite with the K-Rock shed and did an on-air interview with the wedding crew! He even hooked up the boys with some swag!






7.   Made it to Admirals Green with hours to spare before the main event.



6.   We were all quite impressed with Janes choice of limo, a stretched AM General H1 hummer.



5.   We did notice a rather strong odour of diesel fuel leaving the Admirals Green for photos so the shed-headz crew leaped into action and popped open the rear hatch. We found the drivers back up fuel can left with the stopper off and fresh fuel sloshed everywhere. The driver was good and snagged some cleaning supplies from the Fluvarium and fixed the problem right there while the family photos were underway.










1.  All in all it was an excellent night and a rare occasion these days where the whole crew, spouses and all are in the same place at the same time!  Congrats to Brad and Meghan!


Cheers, MIKE

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