January 4, 2019 French's Argo Run: (5 Photos)

5.   With such an awesome amount of snow on the ground French could wait no longer to get his 8x8 Argo Huntmaster back out in the powder. Leaving from his house in St. Phillip's he headed in the trail to the main hydro line eventually making it all the way to Paradise enjoying the warmth of  the canvas canopy. 



4.   As French was climbing the snow bank near Scotiabank he met up with Terry who was up to the same antics in his 8x8 Argo Avenger. This totally unplanned meet up worked out great and the pair headed to Tim Horton's for a coffee and a warm up.


3.   Our buddy Long was working in the area and after a coffeep he joined the byes riding along with French in his covered machine. They headed back in the trail and had a great ride, made better knowing that if one machine got stuck or broken there was an easy way to get back out of the woods!





1.  After dropping Long back to his truck the byes eventually made trails for home after an awesome night of trail exploring.


Cheers, MIKE

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