January 2, 2019 Blizzard Warning: (11 Photos)


11.   After our amazing start to winter in mid December we (as expected) had some rain which partially melted but also settled the snowpack.



10.    Since then we've experienced a lot of cold and very cold weather with real temps dropping into the negative double digits quite often.



9.   This latest storm dropped over 30cm here in Torbay overnight Tuesday into Wednesday clearing off mid morning. For me the wind was favourable and most of the snow blew out the driveway leaving my small front walkway with the deepest snow.



8.   However the storm didn't end there, the blizzard warning remained in effect and by 2pm a back to back system hit us again. Business that had briefly opened up this morning soon closed again as driving conditions deteriorated.









5.   The second part of the storm brought roughly 15cm more for a grand total of 44cm here in Torbay. Again, most of the snow blew out my driveway leaving the small walkway with the worst of the snowfall.









2.   The backyard definitely got the worst of the snow as our fenced yard collects a lot of the wind driven snow.



1.  Conditions are really good this year. Some ponds have over 10" of ice already, and there is a lot of snow in the woods for trail riding. Hopefully the trend continues!


Cheers, MIKE

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