Summer 2019 Recreational Food Fishery


The Summer Recreational Groundfish Fishery will follow a schedule similar to the last minute plan announced last year for the 2018 fishery. This year the fishery will be open Saturday, Sunday & Monday starting on June 29, 2019 and ending September 2nd (Canada Day long weekend to Labor Day long weekend.) There will be another week near the end of September for the Fall Fishery.




The first step for French and I after servicing the boat and outboards is to get it in the water and secured to his berth at the marina in St. Phillip's. Earlier this year the Harbor Authority replaced all the anchor chains so we had to reinstall Mark's underwater pulley and tie off rope. It was a beautiful evening so when we were finished we took a spin down the shore to Portugal Cove.




A couple weeks later French and my schedules finally lined up so we hit the wharf Saturday morning to try for a few fish.





The weather was absolutely beautiful, the sun was out and there was pretty well no wind so the marina was simply buzzing with activity. People were launching and pulling out boats all day long.







Its not often that we get out on Conception Bay under such smooth conditions. We barely drifted and out lines stayed straight down the whole morning.




Our PENN Fathom 60 reels are holding up very well, still as smooth as the day we bought them at Outdoor Pros in Mount Pearl. We are very happy with their performance and speed of line recovery.







It didn't take long before we caught our quota so we cleaned up and headed back to the wharf in St. Phillip's to fillet our catch.




As usual Mark was on fillet duty while I trimmed and skinned the fish.



Another Saturday morning Mark, Justin and Kathryn headed out on the bay to catch their limit of 5 fish per person per day.











My most recent trip on the bay was a beautiful Monday evening at the end of July when French and I took advantage of clear skies and no wind to catch another feed of fish.





We even managed to run into (not literally lol) Mark's uncle Arch out on the water.















This evening the fish were spotty but we took our time and managed to find our 10 fish quota for the day.









Cheers, MIKE

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