February 15, 2019 Torbay ATV Ride & Cook-Up (19 Photos)


19.   This past Friday I got home from work early in the afternoon so I decided to take advantage of the beautiful sunny day to hit the trails near my home in Torbay. I gassed up Project Foreman, threw a few things in the cargo box to make a lunch and headed in the trail towards the airport fence.



18.   Many of the trails were untouched, there was a thin layer of fresh powder but the rest was frozen solid or glare ice. My newly studded tires made for an awesome trail ride in these slippery conditions!


















12.   This trail is normally an open brook even in winter but cold temperatures this month have frozen all of the trails really well making for a nice clean (no mud) winter ride.






10.   In the open fields the small scattering of snow actually drifted up a little on the lee side of trees & rocks making for a fun rip!









7.   Of course no ride is complete without a cook-up, since skipped lunch today I threw a few items in the box of Project Foreman prior to leaving the house.



6.   On the menu today was fresh onion, my own homemade Oktoberfest Moose Sausages, a tin of beans, a pot of Mr. Noodles while I was waiting, and lots of coffee.








3.   It got dark pretty quick around 6pm so it became hard to photograph the rest of the ride.  






1.  With dinner finished, cleaned up and all garbage packed into my cargo box it was time to hit the trails home. Definitely a great way to spend a Friday afternoon.


Cheers, MIKE

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