Sept 9, 2019 Quick First Argo Ride (10 Photos)


10.  After a whole summer of work and a few test rides around the yard today is the day of my first real ride in the Argo in a lot of years!



9.   I didn't want to do anything fancy or long, just a quick shake down run so I could return to the house and give everything a good inspection.



8.   I left from the house and rode the airport fence which gave me some opportunity to test speed, ride and reliability. I couldn't take on anything tangly as I was on nearly bald tires, and the two centre ones do not hold air.











3.   All in all the machine ran great, I found a few slack bolts in the engine tins that I fixed which removed a couple rattles, I broke in the Idler chains enough to get a final new chain tension adjustment made on the gear box adjuster bolts, and I still have to play with setting the air idle adjustment for when the engine is hot. Everything else seemed great!



2.   I did forget to install the drain plugs on this run which let a cup or so of water into the bottom of the machine, but I quickly cleaned that out and reinstalled the plugs to prevent that from re-occurring.



1.   All in all it was a successful first ride, new tires have been ordered and should arrive next week which will pretty well finish this project.  I think I now have a pretty decent machine for the upcoming moose hunting season!


Cheers, MIKE

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