Sept 19, 2019 Northern Pond Stuck ATV Rescue (14 Photos)


14.   Thursday morning a get a text message with this pic and SOS from good friend and fellow Gun Club member Scottie Evans followed by a phone call "are you able to help lol".



13.   Scott and his wife rode their CF Moto 500 ATV in Northern Pond road to do a little moose scouting for the upcoming fall hunt when they missed a turn and went in waaay to deep! The bike stalled underwater and was now completely stuck.



12.   I cleared my afternoon appointment, loaded up project Foreman and headed to Scott's dropped pin location via Apple Maps. I'm familiar with the area but technology sure made it easier to arrive on the correct trails to their location.



11.   I packed some tools and filled the rear box with recovery straps to extend my reach and not get stuck myself.



10.   The trail had a lot of standing water, as Scott found out some puddles were way worse than others! LoL






8.   Their bike was about 150' away from solid ground (where I was parked) so we hooked together a bunch of my 3" straps and hooked on to Scott's bike.



7.   The bike wasn't buried bad, more so dead in the water so I hooked the strap to Project Foreman and simply baked up the trail to pull Scott's machine out with relative ease.





5.   With the CF Moto high and dry we started making repairs to drive the bike out of the woods as there were a lot of serious obstacles on this trail for a tow out.



4.   The air box and cylinder were full of water, amazingly the crank case was not! We drained the air box, CVT belt drive case and exhaust system, removed a lot of the plastics to access the spark plug which was then removed. We turned the bike over and shot water everywhere, drained the carb and reinstalled the plug. We turned the bike over and it started up rather quick! We had to drain the carb one more time, and an oil check saw no moisture in the oil!



3.   With a belt driven bike the only way to dry out the belt in the woods after draining is to hold it at medium throttle for awhile then put it in gear and drive. The belt hated life for awhile and made some god awful sounds but after awhile it dried out and ran well driving all the way back to Scott's vehicle under its own power.



2.   Note, if you have a CF moto like this pack an 18mm deep socket and wobble adaptor along with your extension and ratchet as its about the only way to take out the spark plug!



1.  All in all it was quite the adventure and I was only too glad to help a friend get out of the woods with his bike intact. Repairs I recommended to Scott when he got home was to check the oil for a milky colour and change if necessary (if oil is milky multiple oil changes will likely be necessary to get it to come clean). Next would be to take off the belt drive cover to clean and service the primary & secondary clutches and probably install a new belt. Lastly check and change the Front & Rear differential oil and the Fwd/Rev gearbox oil as water may have contaminated those fluids as well. Check out the Snorkel install on Project Foreman for more tips for deep water riding & repairs after sinking!

Check out the bonus video with pics & video clips from Scott's Wife below:



Cheers, MIKE

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