November 2, 2018 Torbay Evening ATV Ride: (13 Photos)


13.  Friday evening being the end of the work week I decided to relax by gassing up project Foreman and hitting the trails for a quick ATV rip leaving from the house.



12.   It has been quite awhile since I last got out for a ride and I was surprised to find the trails around the airport fence completely bare of foliage.



11.   This is the trail I was used to, although grown in it was always kept trimmed up and fallen trees removed by trail riders and was actually quite pretty.



10.   I presume the Airport Authority is doing this work to maintain their perimeter fencing and in all reality, this maintenance work means the trail will be in great shape and accessible for many years to come.



9.   The trail has been smoothened out in many places and all new culverts & ditching installed to minimize the amount of water holding up on the path.






7.   This section must have been worked earlier that afternoon as I was the first ATV to make tracks across the newly groomed trail.



6.   The work is not fully complete yet, there are still a lot of areas of old untouched trail remaining. I presume they it will all be trimmed up soon.






4.   Quick night time photo op: Stock Halogen Headlights vs.



3.   12" LED light bar!





1.   All in all it was a nice ride, it also gave me an opportunity to see if my permanent repair to the temperature sensor worked and I'm quite pleased to say that the cooling fan is now operating perfectly!


Cheers, MIKE

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