March 6 17, 2018 Work Road Trip: (8 Photos)


8.   Earlier this week I attended a service call for work in Bonavista which meant about 3.5 hours driving each way making for a service call I always enjoy. I like driving so getting paid for travel certainly makes for a great day at work, almost like a mini vacation.



7.   The roads were wet most of the way but it was still a decent day on the highway, wet roads and road salt/sand made for one hell of a dirty truck!



6.   On the way back to town I made a curious stop to the Sooley cabin to check what effect warm temperatures and wind had on the lake since our annual winter trip concluded 6 short days ago.






4.   The prognosis wasn't good. Not only were the thin spots we marked out with boughs open, but there were random holes all over the place. These will be dangerous if we get a short spell of cold weather because the pond will appear safe but in completely random places it wont be.



3.   Unfortunately even with snow in the forecast for this coming weekend we wont be snowmobiling from Sooley's cabin anytime soon as the pond just isn't safe. Its pretty crazy just how lucky we were to schedule the annual winter trip right in the middle of a very small window of ideal conditions!



2.   Our rebuilt fire pit area looks great, with Naclor's new service road we should be able to enjoy it year-round now.



1.   Last view of the pond from our fire pit clearing before heading back to town.


Cheers, MIKE

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