March 3, 2018 Torbay ATV Trail Run: (15 Photos)


15.   This winter has been much milder than most and today was no different. We are only a couple days into March and it felt more like a spring day than winter. With overcast skies and temps hovering around 3 Canadian I fueled up project Foreman and hit the trails near our house in Torbay.



14.   Last weeks snowfall hasn't yet melted but the snow was soft and there was a lot of water near the surface. Frozen puddles provided little traction under the snow and small brooks were not frozen at all.






12.   Overall riding was great, the bike did a fair bit of sliding around which I attribute mainly to my 12 year old  ITP Mudlite XTR's which are more than half worn now.






10.   I made a quick run down a rarely used side path breaking trail the whole way in. I forgot there was a bog near the end which was soft going in and I knew would be tangly coming out. Thankfully my front differential locker and oversize tires pulled through and I didn't have to winch!






8.   Later I made a run down a pole line and was surprised to see the river still mostly frozen and snow filled! The climb back  up the hill went surprisingly better than expected.



7.   With so little snow this winter and very few snowmobiles on the trail it looks like no one bothered to fix the bridge over the river this year. When the river partially freezes the bridge is very handy for getting a sled across the river.









4.   Dead end trail!






2.   All in all it was a great afternoon in the woods, anytime on the bike is always a good time in my books! Below is my first crack at an edited YouTube riding video. If you enjoy it please give it a like. For other short clips search for my YouTube channel actionsmitty.





Cheers, MIKE

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