July 31, 2018 Mike's Hammock Camping Overnight: (13 Photos)


13.   On Regatta Eve (a mid week holiday here in St. John's) I made a last minute decision to throw some gear in the truck and head out for an overnight adventure with my new Camping Hammock. The hammock is a Free Soldier camping hammock purchased on Ebay, you can read more on it on my May 16th, 2018 ATV run article.



12.   It was almost 7pm when I hit the highway, I headed west to Whitbourne to the top of Sooley's Pond where we have our Winter Cabin Trip fire spot. This past winter we revamped it with new seating and a general clean up.



11.   The weather cooperated perfectly with almost no wind and high temperatures, temps actually hit 26 degrees! I had no fear of being cold on this adventure!



10.   Until recently this has been a rare view of our fire pit clearing, previously you could only access it by skidoo in the winter or boat in summer.



9.   I set up my Hammock between two sturdy trees. I decided not to set up the rain-fly as there was a zero percent chance of precipitation overnight. Hopefully that actually works out!



8.   With my sleeping accommodations set I lit a small campfire and settled in with my first of a few cold beverages for the evening. The ground here is low and quite wet when you walk on it so there was very little chance of the campfire spreading, however I kept two water containers full nearby.









5.   Since I was late leaving town I had already eaten supper. I grabbed a couple sandwiches and other snacks along the way, so there was no fancy backwoods cooking on this trip!






3.   Once the moon came up above the tree line it got quite bright!



2.   After an absolutely amazing nights sleep (with no rain, showers, or other precipitation) I got up early the next morning to drown a few worms.



1.   I am very impressed with my new camping hammock. After this initial shakedown run I have a better understanding of stuff I should take and stuff I can leave at home. Maffer & Sooley also bought Free Soldier hammocks so we will have to get out on a group adventure soon!


Cheers, MIKE

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