December 7, 9, & 13, 2018 Winter Storms: (11 Photos)


11.   In recent years snow levels have been pretty bleak here on the East Coast., but this year things seemed to be shaping up different as we had a lot of snow forecast this week starting with a Winter Storm Warning for December 7th.







9.   By the following morning we had a recorded 26cm on the ground with more coming over the next few days. The wind direction was the worst possible for my driveway, filling it in completely from garage to the street.






7.   The basement well filling in is always a treat.









4.   Thankfully the pre season maintenance on my Honda 9-28 blower was worthwhile as it moved the snow with ease.



3.   On December 9th we had another 10cm of snow which was much less to deal with, but it drifted higher than normal due to the previous snowfall.



2.   On December 13th we received another 20cm of the white stuff. I wish I had my sled in town as it's pretty decent going on the trails here in Torbay now.



1.  I'm sure we'll get some rain in this mix soon, but with a pretty significant base layer down and a lot of cold temps forecasted its shaping up to be a great solid base for snowmobiling this year here on the East Coast!


Cheers, MIKE

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