Bay Roberts Summer Home 2018: (18Photos)




18.   This year Dad stopped living in French's Cove (Bay Roberts) full time and offered the Bay House to Stephen and I to use as a summer home any time we want. This weekend Sandra and I finally got to take Dad up on this generous offer and headed to Bay Roberts for a couple days.




17.   Dad's bucket of "Chip" clips we found poked in the cupboard.




16.   Its been 18 years and the workbench still hasn't been cleaned off LoL.




15.   After a nice game of Bingo in Tilton Friday night Sandra and I got up Saturday morning and headed to the Bay Bazaar for a look around. We spent the rest of the day looking at a few yard sales and a couple stores in Carbonear before dropping back to Iris's House for supper.



14.   One of my first projects at the Bay House was to replace the rotted out step to the rear Garage, and build a step for the back door on the new (attached) garage to replace the piece of old slippery plywood.



13.   I picked up the materials in town and built the step to the rear door home in Torbay.






11.   I built a frame from pressure treated 2x4's and decked it over with 4" 5/4 deck boards using a picture frame design for a nice clean appearance.






9.   In August I headed out to the Bay House for a few days early in the week, Sandra was working so it was a solo trip this time. My plan was to install the step built at home and build the other step in place after tearing out the old lumber. The lower step took the worst of the weather, the top was sturdy but I wanted both steps to look fresh and identical.



8.   I re-used the notched out 6x6 posts and replaced the frame with all new 2x4 pressure treated lumber. 



7.   The top of the deck was finished exactly like the one going into the house, both are 30" deep.



6.   Rather than having the lumber sit directly on soil, I dug down and laid 2- 12" square patio stones in place to keep the lumber off the wet soil which should help to prolong its life.



5.   Similarly I placed two 12" blocks under the legs of the step. The old step rotted from the bottom up, hopefully this will keep the same from happening again. All of the end cuts were treated with preservative to help extend the step's life.



4.   That evening Dad, Iris and I headed uptown to see the fireworks the town put off celebrating Klondike Days. It was a pretty damn good show!






2.   Dad has been building a new garage at Iris's house, In June Maffer, Bassan and I headed out and helped install the roof trusses for the hip style roof.



1.   Having completed the steps at the Bay House I decided to stay out an extra day and give dad a hand with the new garage. He's made pretty good progress with the roof complete & shingled, 1" foam installed outside, and all the windows, door & overhead doors installed. This day we tackled installing the piping for water, electrical & low voltage electrical. A contractor came in and dug all the ditches, dad and I fitted & installed all the PVC pipe.


Cheers, MIKE

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