August 20, 2018 Torbay ATV Ride & Cook-up: (21 Photos)


21.  Last Minute plans are often the best plans. After coming home early and Sandra not wanting supper on time, I decided to load up Project Foreman with a bit of gear to have an easy trail ride and a cook-up in the woods.



20.   The weather this evening was typical of this summer, absolutely beautiful, just over 20 degrees and zero wind. I left right from the house and hit the trails in Torbay near the airport.



19.   I kept my run simple, riding familiar trails with no real destination in mind.















14.   My choice location for the cook-up was at the top of a hill overlooking Indian Meal line which on this day was absolutely beautiful.



13.   Before leaving the house I prepared my meal so I wouldn't have to fool around out in the woods. I sliced up a moose roast, onions, fresh mushrooms with some olive oil, Italian seasoning & balsamic vinegar which of course marinated during the course of my ATV ride.



12.   Before leaving I also made tiny splits for my Kelly Kettle so it would be all ready when it was time to cook. I like setting the kettle on a large flat rock so its fire safe, stable and it keeps the bottom of the fire pit clean too.



11.   My MSR Superfly stove is super compact and continues to work very well. It has its own peizo starter and creates a nice consistent controllable heat for slow cooking moose.






9.   It's pretty impressive just how much stuff I can fit into my Moose Storage box, its nice being able to carry everything on the bike and not have to take a backpack on short trail rides.



8.   Dinner consisted of my moose/vegetable mix, some Mr. Noodle for an easy backwoods carb, and a cup of instant coffee, the exact same meal as my last ATV ride & cook-up in March, but why change a great menu!



7.   Representin the good 'ol Chive!






5.   On my way back to the house I stopped at the gravel pit to run the bike through a large puddle (to flush out mud that accumulates in the suspension) and I almost ran into this handsome devil!



4.   I shut off the bike and he stayed within 50-60' and continued to graze completely unconcerned that I was so close.






2.   After 5 minutes or so he meandered back into the trees and continued on his way as did I giving the bike a quick wash in the big puddle. 



1.   Once again it was another awesome adventure close to home, its a real pleasure being able to leave direct from the house for a last minute run in the woods.


Cheers, MIKE

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