May 19-22, 2017 Sooley Cabin Long Weekend: (30 Photos)


30.   It's the 24th of May and we like to get away, so that's just what French, Sooley and I did this past long weekend, the unofficial start to summer camping season. It may be spring but we are in Newfoundland and this past weekend brought typical May weather - cold, wet, and snow!




29.   Friday afternoon Sooley hit the highway headed to the family cabin near Whitbourne while it would be Saturday afternoon before French and I left town. None the less a friendly bunny and a pair of Loons would keep him company for the night!








27.   With wet weather forecast for the weekend Sooley took advantage of Friday's dry spell and enjoyed a fire in the burning pit.




26.   Saturday afternoon I quickly got a few things ready and threw project Foreman in the truck.




25.   I hit the highway driving in and out of rain showers the whole way out.




24.   I arrived at the cabin just in time for supper, a feast of BBQ steak and all the trimmings.




23.   Saturday evening was spent in the shed making repairs to the old Honda garden tiller and enjoying a few brew & Cuban Cigars!












20.   Overnight a few centimeters of snow fell in town covering the ground, we barely got a dusting at the cabin.




19.   Sunday morning we hit the woods and started widening the overgrown ATV path out back which goes to the firewood cutovers and continues up the ridge alongside the pond.



























11.   French getting ready to attack me with a tree! LoL  He began falling a tree and planned to lay it down back the trail like the last one. The tree went the opposite way just missing Sooley's bike and knocking me in the shoulder and head! Yes, I should have been watching, if it was Sooley on the saw I definitely would have been LoL.



10.   After a quick lunch we hopped aboard the boat and headed up the pond to do some trouting.



9.    By this time Sooley's friend Lori arrived and joined in on the adventure.



8.    We hopped out of the boat at the top of the pond and walked into the gully we found & ice fished earlier this year - thanks to Nalcor's clearing of a new transmission line for Muskrat Falls.






6.   Fishing was decent in the gully, throwing back lots of healthy small trout only keeping a couple to fry up with breakfast.









3.   Sunday Supper was simple pizzas in the oven and a relaxing night in the cabin staying out of the rain.






1.  Lori cooked up a full scoff of eggs, bacon, toutons and toast for breakfast on Monday, I fried up our trout as well.

Despite the cold wet weather we still had a great time at the cabin. Lots of laughs, some work completed on our trail, and we even found time to wet a line.


Cheers, MIKE

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