March 11, 2017 Wind Storm Warning: (17 Photos)


17.   Saturday March 11, 2017 was one for the record books. The day started out calm as could be, but by lunchtime the forecasted winds started to pick up at a frightening pace. By 1pm winds were whipping the North East Avalon sustained at over 100km/h and gusts reaching 160km/h at St. John's International Airport and over 180km/h in Argentia. According to weather forecasters it was the worst recorded wind on record since 1977.




16.   Thankfully damage at our house in Torbay was minimal with 4-5 old fence posts cracked off (none of our new 6x6 posts were damaged), and our garbage box blew down the driveway but I managed to grab it and fire it in the garage. Power outages began around 2pm as critical infrastructure was damaged by the howling winds.  Although we got ours back around 7pm Saturday evening, many had to wait until the following day with some waiting until Monday.




15.   It was a crazy storm, the noise was intense with gusts literally shaking the house causing even interior partitions to creek under the strain. Winds subsided into Sunday but gusts were still well over 80km/h for the remainder of the weekend.



Following Photo Credits from various groups on facebook:

14.   Bell Island Ferry Terminal bearing the brunt of the storm.






12.   Government wharf Bay Roberts.



11.   This Canoe took flight in Placentia causing damage in the following two photos.















6.   This brand new house under construction in Mount Pearl lost the entire second story!



5.   A covered cart coral was ripped from its mounts at Sobeys Long Pond, CBS damaging several vehicles and thankfully no one was injured!






3.   Several power poles were damaged during the storm.



2.   Another unfortunate victim of the winds were several camper trailers, some in peoples driveways, some at storage facilities and camp grounds. Rob from R&D towing is keeping busy putting units right side up safely and without further damage to the trailer.





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