January 28, 2017 Sooley Cabin Day Trip: (14 Photos)


14.   A couple days after our Blizzard mother nature tortured us once again and dumped 40mm and mild temperatures here on the East Coast. Thankfully it didn't ruin all the snow, but with temperatures falling we headed to the Sooley cabin to clear the driveway before it froze solid.



13.   We have our annual winter trip planned for early February and we need the lane way clear to park vehicles throughout the week. With three blowers and a can of gas aboard my pickup we headed out the highway and set to work. There was a consistent 12-18" of snow on the laneway and half that on the parking lot.



12.   Sooley promptly broke his Yardworks blower so Maffer and I continued on with our trusty Hondas while Sooley fitted the plow onto the Honda Fourtrax. 




10.   Plowing actually worked very well on the parking lot as there was a layer of ice covered by a layer of old hard snow. The plow easily scraped up the snow over the smooth ice surface without any trouble or strain on the bike.




8.   Job done, laneway and parking lot cleared!


7.    With our main job done we got the two sleds running and went to the pond to check the ice. We tested the ice all over the pond especially in the known weak spots and found a consistent 10-14" of ice in all areas which is great news for the upcoming cabin trip.




5.   Nalcor, the provinces energy company is building a new transmission line across the island following close to the existing transmission lines into St. John's which will carry power from Muskrat Falls in Labrador.


4.   This wide swath of land has really opened up the country which is both a good and bad thing. It's very convenient for travelling over, but the integrated gravel road will allow easier access for many more people than previous as the old transmission line was only accessible by snowmobile or ATV.


3.   It was a beautiful afternoon in Highwaters, both the old sleds are running great, even the old Enticer II which hasn't disappointed us yet! 


2.   Quick vid of Plowing snow, Snowblower in action and Sooley water swimming - not skimming!


1.  With the day coming to a close we loaded up the truck and headed back to town to eagerly await the big trip in a couple weeks time.


Cheers, MIKE

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