January 2017 Blizzard Warning: (12 Photos)



12.   Our first storm of the new year wasn't technically a blizzard but was certainly a great dumping of fluffy winter goodness.






10.   High winds styled the snow into beautiful drifts which I'd rather pound the sled through than the snowblower however the driveway needed to be cleared.






8.   On the 21st we were hit by our first official Blizzard here on the East Coast. 35cm fell in a 24 hour period accompanied by 100km/hr winds. 



7.    Snow Drifts were compounded as the high winds drifted the new snow as well as the 20cm already on the ground which created monster drifts around town.



6.   Although the snow stopped Saturday evening the high winds persisted throughout the night.


5.   When we get a lot of snow it takes awhile to clear the driveway as it all has to be done twice. With the tracked Honda blowers you can ride up the drift and cut off the top layer and then repeat for the bottom layer, or clear a path and beat the snow down with a shovel.



4.   After a few hours of slinging snow during high winds I called it a night and left the Silverado's parking spot and the Basement well for the following morning. 



3.   Shovelling out the basement stairs sucks no matter what way you do it, hopefully at some point I'll get the stairwell covered by a large double attached garage and relocate my small garage to the backyard.






1.  My Honda blower is fantastic, however it's super convenient to have a blade on the bike for quick cleanup after small 5cm snowfalls which often occur every other day.


Cheers, MIKE

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