January 14, 2017 Ron & AJ Winter Dirtbike Rip: (7 Photos)


7.    Ronnie and AJ have been riding dirt bike regularly now for quite a few years, logging allot of seat time at the track in Shearstown every summer, getting better and better each race developing one heck of a lot of rider skill and confidence. 


6.   Winter usually brings an end to the riding season, but the boys didn't want to give in easily this year and fitted their Yamaha YZ 250's with a few hundred tire studs especially made for winter ice riding.

5.   With the bikes loaded the boys headed to the Goulds to try out their hard work.


4.   The day was sunny but chilly but saw great riding conditions with lots of ice and not too much snow.




2.   Although Bay Bulls Big Pond looked great they knew better than to venture out without a way to confirm ice thickness. A recent mild spell and rising/falling water levels of this reservoir can really make the ice unstable, even in ideal winter conditions.


1.  Ronnie reported that the bikes worked awesome with the new tire studs. Your instinct is that the bike is going to slip on the ice especially in a turn, but the studs dig in an provide unreal traction.


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