February 18, 2017 Sooley Cabin Sled Rip: (20 Photos)


20.   Winter 2016-2017 is shaping up to be one for the books with sub zero temps freezing up the ponds very well this year and finally a decent amount of snow on the ground.




19.   Its been a long time since we've had riding conditions as good as we had this past weekend, with back to back blizzards on Tuesday and Wednesday dumping nearly 70cm of snow, we were eager to check it out.




18.   Unfortunately some of the crew were injured or were tied up with prior commitments (yes I told them they had their priorities screwed up LoL), but Sooley, his friend Allison, his kids and I headed back to the Sooley Cabin and hit the snow.




17.   The cabin is well snowed in now. Since we only planned to stay for the day we didn't plow the laneway and got Sooley's sleds running and headed up the pond.




16.   Maffer may have missed out on an epic day riding but his White and Black REV didn't as Sooley put it to work ripping up the pond and logging some air time. 




15.   There is a lot of snow everywhere including the pond. The whole surface is peppered in drifts of varying size & spacing so ripping up the lake quickly could get a little hairy!



14.   Riding conditions were ideal, first there was a lot of snow, second is was wind drifted and fairly compact providing lots of traction.









11.   Allison and the kids had a great time on the sleds and the inflatable tube.



10.   Sooley even found time to plant a few lines.



9.    Given the pond has well over 20" of ice even with the extra weight of the snow its was still very safe.



8.    For lunch we headed back to the bunk house where Sooley made sandwiches and Kraft Dinner for the kids and had a chance their winter clothes to dry out.



7.   After lunch we headed back up the pond to make more tracks.






5.   While Allison towed the kids on the tube, Sooley and I darted up to high waters to pound every drift and hill we could find.






3.   It was the best snow conditions I've seen up there in years, probably best since Maffer launched the yellow Scandic off the potato cellar in 2004.



2.   At nearly 40 years of age, there's not a whole lot that makes me excited like a child, but ripping up fresh powder while back country riding does it for me every time.



1.  I hope that whatever activity you found yourself at on Saturday brought you as much enjoyment as $20 gas in my Skidoo did for me! It was an epic off the chart day of riding, if it wasn't calling for rain on Sunday we probably would have stayed the night!


Cheers, MIKE

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