December 16, 2017 Blizzard Warning: (7 Photos)


7.    Weather here on the East Coast can often be unpredictable and uninviting, but 2017 was a real anomaly with our absolutely beautiful Summer and overall very nice Fall. Up until this past weekend we had only a handful of days below zero! Saturday's Blizzard warning instantly brought us back to reality as Winter arrived with a vengeance.



6.   Snow started around noon and ramped up quickly into the afternoon and evening which also brought very high winds causing white outs and dangerous driving conditions. By midnight 30cm of snow transformed the city into a winter wonderland!









3.   Friday I began a major repair on my 11 year old Honda 928 Snowblower as I rebuilt the track drive transmission. Luckily I had everything back together and other maintenance performed mid Saturday afternoon.



2.   Because there was absolutely no frost in the ground the bottom 2" of snow had melted to slush which made for very densely packed snow. Roads throughout the city were treacherous after the storm due to this layer freezing in Sunday's -5 temperatures.



1.  With cold temps forecasted for the coming couple weeks hopefully this is the start of an awesome Skidoo season!


Cheers, MIKE

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