Torbay Solo ATV Runs - Spring 2016: (14Photos)


14.   April 8th, 2016: With Winter all but over and the weather chilly but far from cold, I decided to un-winterize project Foreman and get out for a spring mud run.




12.   Spring riding conditions are unique and some of my favourites. Although we didn't have a particularly hard winter, frost thawing from the ground turns most trails to slippery sloppy fun.


11.   I was surprised to see a fair bit of snow remaining in the woods, as well as quite a bit of ice on some trails. This unbroken trail was a lot of fun to work the bike through!








7.    April 18, 2016 This year the gun club purchased a new ATV for completing chores and setting up equipment on club grounds throughout the year. With the bike in stock I readied the unit and completed a proper 35km break in procedure as outlined in the owners manual.


6.   This ensures that the unit will perform properly and reliably for many years in service at the club.






3.   May 9, 2016 Another day, another quick afternoon run. The trails are well dried out now after the spring thaw, but I did manage to find some bog.


2.   On every ride I still manage to find new trails, this one led to a tangly deep bog hole but with some finesse and the front locking diff working overtime I managed to drive project foreman out of the hole without winching.



Cheers, MIKE

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