SJRGC Atlantic Trap Championships Sept 1-4, 2016: (28 Photos)


Photo Credits: Mike Smith & Kevin Healey

28.   Labor day weekend saw the return of Atlantic Canada's Trapshooting championship return to the St. john's Rod and Gun Club as this annual shoot moves to different Atlantic provinces each year. A small but dedicated crew from our club put in weeks of work organizing the event, maintaining equipment and getting the club ready for the big event.



27.   Nearly 50 shooters turned out for the event, many from outside the province from all over Atlantic Canada and as far away as Quebec, Ontario and Saskatchewan. Part of running these shoots is having enough ammunition on hand for people that fly in. Andrea placed the order and I organized it at the club once it arrived. Shipping was a story in itself as Amour initially lost the order, but Ross at the Gun Dealer in McAdam NB was fantastic and made sure we were ready for the shoot!



26.   Another fantastic feature at this shoot was that MD Charlton agreed to come down and set up a vendor exhibition. They are the distributor for Caesar Guerini and Blazar shotguns and other products such as Lucas gun oils. They had a great selection of demo guns for people to use and range gear, hats etc. The guys also brought their factory trained gunsmith to provide repairs, support, and pit stop services to shooters. It was a very welcome addition to the AP shoot.



25.   This year the weather cooperated for the whole 4 days of the shoot with mild winds, although a bit cool but no rain! Thursday was a preliminary practice day with registered targets offered for shooters to practice, Friday was the Preliminary days and official first day of competition, Saturday brought the main event singles, and the event ended Sunday with Doubles and Handicap.



24.   A great crew of from Saskatchewan took part in the shoot including Dwight Smith - President of the Canadian Trapshooting Association, and Dave (Tiger) Williams of Toronto Maple Leafs Fame (pictured here with yours truly). Tiger is an awesome guy, full of stories, a great sportsman, and right there to help out with anything needed to help run the shoot.


















18.   Andrea's mother Sandra and her friend ran the kitchen all weekend serving up awesome meals. Thursday's lunch was fish stew. The Nova Scotia Crew provided fresh Haddock which was pan fried and served with roasted potato Friday, and fresh scallops which the boys cooked to perfection outside. Saturday we had pulled moose sandwiches, and rounded out the event Sunday with Moose Sausage and sandwiches. Needless to say we ate very well and represented local Atlantic Canadian ingredients very well!



17.   Saturday's shooting ended early in preparation for the Shooters Social later that evening, but the boys organized a couple shooting games. The first was called Missing Out where shooters played to play and could buy in twice as yardage increased.






15.   This shoot was won by NS shooter Rejean D'Entremont.



14.   The second game was an Annie Oakley shoot. Basically the first shooter fires with 2 more at the ready in case he misses. You can only shoot if the person to your left misses the target, if you hit it the shooter or 2 shooters to your left in that round are eliminated. It came down to the wire with Rejean D'Entremont and our own Troy Coldwell with Troy taking the win.



13.   Saturday Evening we held the Shooters Social at the Yellow Belly in the basement section called the Underbelly. Shooters were treated to great NL cuisine with awesome appetizers and a full fish and chips station serving up fresh local Northern Cod.



12.   The social concluded with the Calcutta Auction which saw some good money paid for shooters participating in Sunday's Handicap championship.






10.   Ontario was well represented by a great group of shooters competing for open prizes.



9.   The 2016 AP shoot saw two relatively new shooters break their first 25 straight. On Saturday NS shooter Janaya Nickerson broke her first 25 during the singles competition and had her brand new Caesar Guerini hat blown to bits.






7.   Sunday our own SJRGC shooter Kevin Healey broke his first 25 straight in the Handicap shoot and also had his had shot by his fellow shooters.



6.   This fine crew of Saskatchewan and Ontario Shooters took home the AP 5 man team award.



5.   The end of shooting Sunday brought about the presentation of awards with many shooters taking top honors in a number of categories, class championships etc. You can check out for full results of the shoot.









2.   Old man Bailey listening with full attention to one of Tiger's stories.



1.   All in all it was a fantastic event. The shoot ran very smooth, our equipment successfully launched nearly 35,000 targets over the four days with minimal breakdowns which were quickly fixed. Props to everyone that helped in the weeks leading up to the shoot, Andrea and the shoot organizers to planned everything to a tee, and to everyone that pitched in to lend a hand during the shoot completing everything from providing trailers for the MD Charleton crew to picking up garbage & reloading clay targets.

Cheers, MIKE

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