October 2016 French's Moose Hunt: (21Photos)


21.   French had a very busy moose hunting planned this year with two licenses to fill, one to help his uncle Arch as well as his own tags. Luckily both were either sex licenses in one of our favourite moose hunting areas - 36 The Southern Shore. He also had a brand new vehicle to break in/try out a 2016 Argo Avenger Hunt Master which would quickly be put straight to work. More on the Argo can be found on the Shed Projects page.


20.   The season opened October 1st so Mark, Arch, Matthew French and Michael Strow headed in Gully Pond road in search of their prey. With no luck the first day they returned Sunday evening and called out this beautiful young bull in quick order with Matthew's electronic caller. Arch knocked the animal down and the hunt was now half complete!


19.   With a number of unsuccessful trips under his belt, I took a run in the woods with Mark and Matthew Wednesday evening (October 12th) returning again to Gully Pond Road.


18.   It was a beautiful evening, cool with zero wind and perfectly clear skies.


17.   Matthew set up the caller and we scoured the area in search of sign.






14.   The sun soon set, evening took over and we headed back to the Argo with no luck on this trip.


13.   With the upcoming weekend weather forecast looking very poor, Mark and I were able to take the following day off work to spend in the woods. In the very early morning darkness we headed back down the shore this time to Track Road in Mobil where we had success in previous years. At daybreak we unloaded the Argo and drove in the pole line towards our planned hunting area.


12.   On our way to our destination we stopped to analyze the path of least resistance across the first marsh when this young bull walked out of the woods and began grazing! According to our GPS it was a 280 yard shot, I spied the animal with my Binoculars while mark made a successful one shot kill properly harvesting the animal.


11.   With the hunt over, the work began! In no time we had the animal paunched, halved and ready for transport.










6.   The Argo is a great machine, for the second time this year it effortlessly carried out the game, gear and hunting crew all in one trip.




4.   We hung the Moose in Matthew's Father's garage and set about skinning and cleaning.




2.   Arch and Matthew arrived to lend a hand, and Andrew French even dropped down with lunch!


1.   All in all it was a very successful hunting season for the French's and I had a fantastic time on the hunt as well. There is nothing like spending a beautiful day in the woods with your buddies, its only made better when its a successful day as well!


Cheers, MIKE

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