March 6-12, 2016 West Coast Trip: (25 Photos)


25.   With a lot of the crew sledless or tied up with other commitments, the annual snowmobile trip to the west coast was lower in attendance than most years. However, Sunday morning Bill and Max loaded up and headed west in search of snow. With Big Falls Tourist Lodge sold to new owners, the boys decided to try another destination and chose Rocky Brook Cabins in Cormack.


24.   Bill rode his 2010 Nytro XTX which Bill had fitted out with a 1.75" track upgrade last year. This year the sled only required normal maintenance. Bill also installed a new graphics kit to replace his old Skull themed one which had been ravaged by alders and trees over the last couple years.


23.   Max recently sold his Turbo Nytro XTX and picked up a brand new Skidoo REVxp  Freeride 146. Its a beautiful machine and a great choice for West Coast riding.


22.   Monday was their first day riding and the boys completed a 260km run to Western Brook Gorge, then out Maddie's Pond trail, and back across Silver Mountain to White's River Road.






19.   They only had one slight mishap with a loose upper ball joint on Bill's Nytro. A quick trailside repair scavenging a sway bar bolt had the sled back in safe working order.


18.   Day 2: The boys had another good day on the snow. Stopped by the warm up shack on Hughes Brook trail.


17.   The original plan was to head to Northern Arm Hills but it was a bit too blustery up in the hills.


16.   The boys revised their travel plan and headed in to the Lomond sink hole.














9.   Day 3: Another 250 km round trip on sled, this run took them from Cormack to Marble Mountain where they stopped for lunch.


8.   Then continued on to Corner Brook and headed north to Hughes Brook trail up to Northern Arm Hills for a quick run up the bowl.


7.   It was blustery by the time they got there, so the boys continued on and took the short cut across Bonne Bay Big Pond then back to Rocky Brook Cabins in Cormack.






4.   Day 4: Fourth day on the snow and 230 more kms on the odometer. This days ride took them to Pollard's Point and had a great cross country return rip to Taylor's Brook Road.




2.   Day 5: Was their last day on sled Bill and Max were joined by Matt Hunt. They finished the week the same way it started with another run to Western Brook Gorge. 1100 kms in 5 days!




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