July 16, 2016 Torbay ATV Run: (16Photos)



16.   With a summer season filled once again with numerous backyard projects, Maffer and I finally dusted off the bikes and got out for a quick run this past weekend.


15.  Under sunny skies and awesome warm temperatures we left my house in Torbay and cruised many of the trails all around the airport fence.


14.  The pole line has a neat and not overly hard rock climb that makes the run interesting but far from tangley.




12.   The trails were pretty dry overall, the deep puddles were low, and many of the others completely dried up.




10.  Early on in the ride I discovered my Winch was no longer working. I was mildly stuck, luckily Maffer's winch worked just fine and we had my bike out in no time.


9. Heading across the fields on Indian Meal Line, we crossed Portugal Cove Road and Old Broad Cove Road to a trail going around the backside of Windsor Lake. Here we did a bunch of exploring figuring out where each side trail ended up.


8. #NotWindsorLake!








4. At the end of the day we stopped by the quarry to rinse off the bikes. I told Maffer that Ostacruiser and his crew were skimming their CanAm's now so of course he had to give it a go!






1. All in all it was an awesome day, and the first full ride that Maffer didn't break himself or his outlander! Definitely a big change from most of our rides!

Cheers, MIKE

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