Summer 2016 Recreational Food Fishery: (13Photos)


13.   The new liberal federal government made some significant changes to the recreational food fishery her in NL. Like previous years the fishery will open for 3 weeks starting July 16 to August 7th, but adds all weekends in July/August beginning with and including Canada Day and Labor day holidays. The fishery will then close to re-open the fall September 24 to October 2, 2016.


Mark had his boat on the water early this year but soon found out that his Trusty 10 year old Garmin GPS finally kicked the bucket. The fish finder/depth sounder died a few years ago. After a bunch of research he finally decided on a Lowrance Elite-7ti fish finder/chart plotter. We completed the installation over a couple nights in his garage. We had to remove the old transducer and epoxy the new one in place and fish the new cables back through the boat. It was a time consuming but nice tidy job when completed and the new unit performs fantastically.



12.   The weather this year was decent, but one particular Sunday halfway though the fishery worked out beautifully. With almost zero wind and beautiful sunny skies, Matthew French, Mark and I jumped aboard Cloud9 and headed out on Conception Bay.









9.   We headed to the ledge off the back of Bell island and caught our quote pretty quick.









6.   With our catch safely in the cooler we took our time coming in and went for a run on the bay thoroughly enjoying the morning.






4.   With the fish caught the work begins as the three of us started filleting and skinning our catch back at the wharf.



3.   Another evening provided a nice window of opportunity with no wind so Mark, his brother and I headed out to catch our quota.






1.   Back to the wharf and tied up for the next run!


Cheers, MIKE

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