February 9, 2016 Blizzard Warning: (3Photos)


3.   Winter 2015-2016 has as usual been a roller coaster here on the East Coast. We've had a couple really good storms, one duping 30+cm with no wind, and another with about 20cm. The problem is, in between each storm we get a bunch of warm weather and rain, so instead of having a nice base of hardpack, we are reset to zero every time!


2.   Today's storm was actually our first blizzard warning as we had over 20cm of snow with very high winds. Snow is great, but with no base, ground cover is sparse as the wind blew it into drifts.


1.  I've been saying it all winter but hopefully one more storm and I can get the sled out for a decent rip. Snow one week, rain the next has been a brutal theme trying to get out for a ride on more than a coating of snow!


Cheers, MIKE

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