April 20, 2016 Blizzard Warning: (13Photos)


13.   Here on the East Coast we had a pretty mild winter. With pretty much zero snow for the month of March, and what we did fall earlier in the year long melted away we figured winter was all but over.



12.   However mother nature had quite a surprise in store for the North East Avalon this month.


11.   Today's storm came with a blizzard warning and the storm that was forecasted to drop 15-20cm snow actually stalled and dropped 50cm in the St. John's region!


10.   For people that had to go out, driving was quite tangly as motorists were faced with whiteout conditions.


9.   Roads were further hampered by City and Provincial governments having long ago laid off seasonal snow clearing operators so there were much fewer pieces of equipment on the road.




7.   High winds coupled with the high snowfall created big drifts, and completely filled in my basement stairwell, creating one of my most un-favourite tasks, shovelling out the basement door.






4.   All in all the Honda made quick work of my and a couple neighbours driveways, and warm temperatures the following day accelerated the melt of the spring snow.




2.   To add to the excitement of the day, right in the middle of the Blizzard Costco called and said my new summer tires were in for my truck. Since it was stormy they weren't busy and said it was a great time to beat the crowd and have them installed. So right in the middle of the storm, I unloaded my tools and threw my summer rims in the truck and carted them up to the Garage. They were ready later that afternoon and I was soon home with brand new 34" BFG All Terrain Ko2's ready to be installed.


1.   The following Wednesday we had one more taste of winter with another 15cm dump, although not Blizzard like, it was enough to push Winter 2016 snowfall records over the top for the month of April. This storm officially made it the snowiest month all winter beating January's snowfall totals by 1.5cm.

Cheers, MIKE

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