Summer 2015 Recreational Food Fishery: (3 Photos)



3.   So far this summer has been crazy busy, between regular work, ceramic tile work, and a number of projects at the Gun Club, I haven't had much free time to partake in the recreational fishery this year. The Summer Recreational Fishery ran from July18 to August 9th, and will reopen in the fall for one week September 19-27.


2.   Tanking advantage of a rare free afternoon, the Bassan Boys Andrea & Peter and I headed to Bay Roberts to meet dad for a run in the boat.


1.   It was a great afternoon, although we didn't get our full quota, we managed to get a dozen nice fish for the pan. For me it was a very short fishing season, but at least I got to partake in one of my favourite summer activities!

Cheers, MIKE

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