October 17-24, 2015 Maritimes Trip: (21 Photos)



21.   As most of you know, my younger brother Steve lives and works in the North West Territories. We chat often but rarely get a chance to hang out. Steve and his girlfriend Kailee came East for a visit with her parents in Nova Scotia so my wife Sandra and I flew to Halifax Friday morning to meet up with them for a week.



20.   Steve and Kailee picked us up at the airport and we drove to her parents (Mike & Geri) house in Antigonish. Saturday morning Steve, Mr. MacDonald  and I headed out to his land outside of town for an afternoon shooting. We began the day with a few boxes of clay targets, a manual thrower and a couple shotguns and made quick work of the lot.



19.   While we waited for lunch to cook (and key for the trigger lock to arrive - thanks Geri!), we set up a few targets for our after dinner rifle session.






17.   For lunch we fired up the BBQ and cooked up a couple packs of Moose Sausages I brought over just for the occasion.





15.   After our lunch we started out with Mike's new .22 calibre leaver action rifle. Its a great firearm, its smooth, comfortable, and fun to shoot.


14.   Next we stepped up to the heavy artillery with Mike's 30-30 lever action.


13.   One dead Deer!


12.   We had a fantastic couple days in Antigonish. Mike and Geri made us feel just like we were home. Among a bunch of fantastic meals, we were treated to pizza from "The Wheel" in Antigonish. If there is better pizza out there, I haven't had it, no exaggeration. Sunday morning we hit the highway and headed to Bangor Maine for a couple days shopping. We spent a couple days in the U.S. before heading east to Moncton, NB.


11.   One of the first places we went in Moncton was Hopewell Rocks. Its a beautiful place to visit, probably the most scenic area in the Bay of Fundy. At low tide you can walk all among the rocks, when the tide comes in the entire area is flooded. 








7.   Even better, Moncton is home to a new Cabela's Store! Its a beautiful store that is well stocked with everything from firearms & ammo to fishing and everything in between.


6.   If Cabela's isn't enough reason to visit Moncton, the fact that there is also a brand new Bass Pro Shop in town certainly seals the deal. Again, its a very beautiful store that's been decorated to fit the hunting and fishing found in Atlantic Canada. Both of these stores are well stocked and its a great opportunity to see and touch all the latest and greatest in outdoor gear as opposed to seeing it in a catalogue.








2.   Leaving Moncton we spent the last couple days of our trip in Downtown Halifax. Our first night found us at an awesome restaurant called the Economy Shoe Company. I highly recommend it. Leaving there, we met up with Sandra's cousin, and caught a show of her boyfriend's band playing at the Split Crow. It was an awesome night.


1.   On Friday, Geri & Mike came in to Halifax for the night. Mike, Steve and I took in the Alexander Keith's Brewery Tour which was really neat. Its a fantastic and fun tour set back in the 1800's and tells the very interesting history of a Brewery & Beer that's older than Canada! That evening we went out for supper and tried out luck at the Casino in Halifax. The next day we all headed for home, like most great vacations they always end too soon.

Cheers, MIKE

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