October 12, 2015 Torbay ATV Run: (8 Photos)



8.   Here in Canada its Thanksgiving, which not only means a weekend of awesome turkey dinners, but a holiday as well. Maffer, Troy, Bassan and I took advantage of our day off work to get the bikes dirty. Except Troy, his bike was still dirty from Moose Hunting last fall.


7.   We left from Bassan's house in Torbay and crossed under the Torbay Bypass and rode a bunch of trails and old paths around Camp Carey Road.


6.   Following along the Torbay Bypass road we continued to check out a bunch of trails.




4.   Maffer and I decided (as usual) to try a tangly looking bunch of bog holes, getting through most of them successfully. The last one hadn't been ridden through in quite some time and for good reason. Once again my trusty WARN winch came through and extracted me from the quagmire in short order.


3.   At our last stop Maffer told Bassan to take the Can Am down a muddy rough trail for a rip. This was the result.


2.   Sad Bassan.



1.  With limited tools, we managed to ratchet strap and wrestle the tire back on the bead and re-inflated with a 12v air compressor and rode back to Bassan's house with no other troubles.


Cheers, MIKE

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