May 16, 2015 Torbay ATV Run: (6 Photos)



6.   Spring has arrived, the snow is gone and warm temperatures are upon us. Taking advantage of a work & Gun Club free weekend, Bassan and I decided to get in an ATV run before work takes over most of our weekends.


5.   Under sunny skies and temps near 15 degrees, we left my house and rode the perimeter of the airport fence stopping for a break on top of the hill in a large gravel pit.



4.   Backtracking we followed another trail from the airport fence, crossed a bunch of farmers fields eventually crossing Portugal Cove Road near Old Broadcove Road. We followed the trail, eventually crossing Old Broadcove Road and rounded  Winsor Lake.




2.   This trail ended at Thorburn Road, after a break we backtracked and made our way back to my house.


1.  All in all a fantastic way to pass an afternoon!

Cheers, MIKE

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