March 21, 2015 Sooley Cabin Rip: (15 Photos)



15.   Although Winter 2014-2015 didn't find the Shed-Headz Crew holding our annual winter trip to the Sooley family cabin, some of us still managed to log a few miles in the Whitbourne area this past weekend. Saturday morning Bill, French and I headed to Sooley's cabin for a day of ice fishing and riding. 



14.   We loaded up French's 3 place enclosed trailer and hit the highway offloading the sleds just East of Whitbourne where we could easily access the pole line.



13.   The weather was pretty well perfect, sunny skies, temps around 0 to +1, and no wind. We were glad we didn't pass up this day on the snow, especially with a heavy rain forecasted for the following day. Sooley and his kids were already at the cabin so we met them at the top of the pond.



12.   French, Sooley and the kids ended up doing most of the ice fishing while Bill and I took advantage of the decent snow conditions to tear up some powder all over the country side.  



11.   Bill itchin' to ride!





9.   Fresh snow from last weeks storm had settled nicely so traction was fantastic and snow not too hard. It was the best conditions I've experienced in that area in a long time. Bill and I spent the entire day finding hidden caches of snow covered hills and we tore up every one!



8.   Our sleds pulled wicked wheelies the whole day, and conditions were perfect for skimming water.






6.   Unfortunately at some point the day comes to an end, usually all too soon, and we arrived back at the truck.















1.   At the end of the day Bill and I logged over 50 km on the sleds, we all celebrated our awesome day  by stoping to Monty's Place for a Sharron Burger before heading for home.

Cheers, MIKE

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