Feb 21, 2015 Ice Fishing Sooley's Cabin: (15 Photos)



15.   Ice Fishing is one of many great ways to pass away the cold winter months here in our fair province. Every year in between work & snowmobile trips I try to get in a couple days ice fishing with my Dad. This past weekend Dad, his buddy Lloyd Spencer and I headed west to Sooley's Cabin in Whitbourne for a day on the pond.


14.   The day brought sunny skies (albeit with a few flurries) and sub zero temperatures, we arrived at our spot just before lunch and set about drilling a few holes. Dad had a cordless drill adaptor made up for his 4" ice auger, and I have to say its the cats ass for drilling holes quickly and effortlessly. Even though we haven't had much snow this winter, we've had a lot of cold weather so there was well over 14" ice on the pond. We set out our lines and went about collecting firewood for our lunch.


13.   Each winter I try to get to this pond as I know by the end of the day we'll have a meal of trout. Any day in the woods is great, but I definitely prefer not going home empty handed!


12.   Throughout the day I managed to log a few miles on the sled. I've been so busy this winter that this was the first time my sled left the garage! I managed to burn a half tank of gas throughout the day, snow conditions were not ideal even with the storm a couple weeks ago.




10.  For lunch we had an awesome meal of baked beans, moose sausages, home made bread, & tea. There is nothing quite like a boil up in the woods!






7.   By the end of the day we managed a fine catch of trout, the biggest was as long as my size 10 Dunlop boot.












1.   Upon return to the trucks we discovered Dad had a flat tire on the tandem axle double skidoo trailer. Not having a suitable spare we managed a repair with some ingenuity. We removed the flat rear-right tire and moved the good front-right tire to the rear axle. We chained the empty front axle to the frame of the trailer and kept the machines back about 18" more than normal when we loaded up. Luckily this was enough to get Dad back to Bay Roberts without any more trouble!


Cheers, MIKE

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