January 4, 2014 Blizzard Warning: (9 Photos)


9.   Last winter, it was the middle of January before we had our first significant snowfall, and it was a couple weeks more before we could ride due to higher temperatures and rain.


8.   So far this winter this has not repeated itself as we have endured a frigid cold snap and continuous snow storms since the middle of December.


7.   Including this latest blizzard which dumped over 40cm of snow on the Avalon, we now have over 120cm of snow on the ground!


6.   The only unfortunate thing is that half our crew sold their sleds last winter or this past fall, and the rest of us have been too busy with work, garage building, and family events to get out and enjoy the snow.









1.   We are planning a trip to Sooley's cabin soon, with all this snow it should be a great trip!


Cheers, MIKE

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