March 13, 2013 Goulds ATV Run: (9 Photos)


9.   I hate to jinx it, but I really believe our short winter season is coming to a close. Days are getting longer and warmer, the snow is melting and there are no storms in the forecast. However, given nice weather, Maffer and I took advantage of the day and got out for a run on the bikes in the Goulds.


8.   Early Spring is one of my favourite times of year for ATV riding. At this time of year there are no flies, no dusty roads, what snow is left is rock hard and still covers many trail obstacles, so paths are generally much smoother and getting stuck is not common.




6.   Maffer recently upgraded his stock Carlisle tires on his 2012 Can Am Outlander for a set of much more aggressive 27" Mud Zilla tires and after market ITP aluminum wheels with the proper offset for taller, wider tires. We left the Goulds and explored many paths in the area, eventually making our way to Northern Pond Road.


5.   Trying his best to climb this rather tangly hill Maffer managed to break the front left side axle while reversing out of the hole, but it didn't ruin our ride. I winched him out and we rode the rest of the day just fine in three wheel drive, avoiding the deepest of mud holes.




3.   We headed cross country towards big Northern Pond where we set up my electronic caller to try for a coyote as I had my Stevens .223 rifle with me as well. After about an hour we packed up our hunting gear, had a quick sandwich lunch and hit the trails once again.


2.   Towards the end of the day, I was riding my bike rather quick down a field in the Goulds when I took a turn too sharp and too fast and rolled the bike completely over! You can see the course of events in my tracks in the snow, but luckily the only damage was to my pride!


1.   After a quick power wash in the river we headed back towards the trucks and home. All in all another great day in the woods.


Cheers, MIKE

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