January 26, 2013 Goulds to Witless Bay: (12 Photos)


12.   Another weekend, and another fresh snowfall to ride! Saturday morning Maffer and I loaded up the sleds and met up with Danny, Brian and a few of their buddies on Power's Road in the Goulds for a snowmobile run to Cranes North Atlantic on Witless Bay Line.


11.   We left the trucks and headed out Chicken Farm Road to Northern Pond Road meeting up near the campers to wait for a couple more guys to show up. Maffer and I managed to find a few drifts to tear up while we waited.


10.   Leaving Northern Pond Road we ended up splitting up as the old fellers wanted to take the old pole line route, while Maffer and I chose to take the smoother Joyce's Trail route to witless bay line.






7.   It was a great run with near perfect conditions. Occasionally we would stop to climb a hill or pound some snow drifts and eventually made it to Crane's North Atlantic where we stopped for gas and lunch.




5.   We called Danny and they got hung up 10 minutes into their route helping a group of people escort an injured snowmobiler out of the woods. There were bad washouts on the rougher pole line trail and some poor fella drove headfirst into one ending up with some injuries. They successfully got the man and his broken machine out, meeting his family at the highway.








1.   Maffer and I continued on our journey heading back the way we came, making a few loops in through Northern Pond Road and the fields in the Goulds on the way home. All in all a fantastic day on the snow, I hope the weather continues!


Cheers, MIKE

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