January 10-11, 2013 Blizzard Warning: (6 Photos)


6.   Well this past weekend we had our first blizzard of the season, and it was predicted to be a doozy! Forecasters were calling for 50-70 cm of snow, some were calling as high as 100cm of snow by the time the system moved off shore. Snow started falling around 3pm Thursday, with winds picking up speed rapidly.


5.   It got quite nasty over night, but that didn't stop hundreds of snowmobilers from riding the streets of St. John's, Mount Pearl & Paradise well into the wee hours of the morning! I probably would have been one of them if I could get my sled out of the yard without moving 3 cars into the street during the storm! Friday the storm continued until about noon, unfortunately temperatures rose considerably and the snow changed to rain. 


4.   My Honda 9/28 snow blower sure got a workout cleaning my driveway, and some neighbour's driveways who were trying to shovel their way out.




2.   All in all we received about 55cm snow from the storm, and power was knocked out to over 65,000 homes, myself included.


1.   With the power out all night, we still lived in relative comfort with the 3500w generator running lights, TV, Satellite and surround sound.

We had planned for an awesome group ride bashing drifts all weekend, but alas mother nature ruined our plans with heavy, gross, nasty rains. By Sunday morning, there wasn't enough snow left in the Goulds to get in a sensible ride. The fields were muddy in the middle, and roads were bare, so what snow you could ride on was wet sloppy mud & gravel. It's crazy that such an impressive snowfall was ruined by rain so quickly. Hopefully we'll get a great ride in soon!


Cheers, MIKE

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