Feb 16, 2013 Ice Fishing Sooley's Cabin: (10 Photos)


10.   Since our last ride we had another big snow storm that presented us with ideal riding conditions, unfortunately I was dying with a flu and completely missed out on the run.


9.   To add insult to injury we had a lot of rain the following week which severely melted the snowpack!


8.   Finally the weather gods cooperated so Maffer, young Gavin and I loaded up our sleds and headed to Sooley's Cabin in Whitbourne for a day ice fishing.


7.   Under beautiful sunny skies we drilled some holes and set out our lines.








3.   In between checking lines we did a little riding, the snow conditions were marginal but OK for a simple cruise out the pole line to highwaters.


2.   Of course we also had an awesome boil up in our cut out at the top of the pond. There's no feed quite like a boil up in the woods!


1.   At the end of the day we caught a few trout, Gavin learned about the 'sneaky' trout that steal the worm from our hooks, burned some gas, and we all had an excellent time.


Cheers, MIKE

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