December 2, 2012 - Trap Shoot: (4 Photos)


4.   After spending a bunch of evenings & weekends in the shed working on Project REV, I decided to take a break and head out to the Rod & Gun Club for the weekly trap shoot. We had our first significant snowfall of the year just a couple days ago, but the club was still easily accessible. Even though we had sunny skies and absolutely no wind, the cold weather kept the regular shooters away and Monty was the only other person to show up.


3.   Undeterred we set up a voice release system on one of the trap houses and set out breaking clays. Conditions were great for shooting sunny and no wind, and having dressed for the cold we certainly enjoyed ourselves. After a few rounds we took a break for lunch, Monty brought a big boiler of soup and some hot wings. We were joined for lunch by some new members who had taken part in the Club orientation earlier that morning.


2.   After lunch two people from the orientation joined Monty and I on the trap field where we gave them a run down on how trap shooting works. They even took advantage of our offer to shoot some targets with our over/under shotguns. Hopefully we have them hooked and we look forward to seeing them on the trap field again!


1.   All in all it was a great day! Despite the cold shooting conditions were fantastic and definitely enjoyable! There wont be many, if any weekend left now as the Trap machines will soon come out for winter storage.


Cheers, MIKE

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