March 24, 2012 Goulds ATV Ride: (9 Photos)


9.   As I've mentioned on both the Main Page and Area51 page of this site, Maffer just bought a brand new 2012 CanAm Outlander 800xt. This bike is an upgraded model over the base 800 Outlander, it comes with upgraded 26" Carlisle Tires, aluminum rims, a 3000lb WARN winch, fender extensions, dynamic power steering, and a bunch of stuff that makes this one truly awesome ATV. This 2012 model is also the firts year of CanAm's completely new chassis (G2) and plastics, its a ground up redesign from the previous generation bikes.


8.   Of course, we wanted to get out for a test ride ASAP, so Saturday afternoon we loaded up and headed to the Goulds.


7.   As most of you know last fall I lost the rear axel in Project Foreman. The axle stripped out where it passes through the ring gear in the differential. The bike is still rideable, but only in Front Wheel Drive. This isn't all bad as I have a locker in the front differential, but the bike is certainly limited in capability for off roading. I was surprised that this bike works much better in 2wd Rear Wheel Drive, then it does in 2wd Front Wheel Drive!


6.   In any case, we got out for a run, changing bikes a couple times so I could get a feel for the awesomeness of the new CanAm. Its a fantastic bike!!! Independent Front and Rear suspension provides an amazing ride, the power is awesome and seemingly endless.


5.   Lifting the front tires is only a matter of jamming the throttle, even in high range. No need for hauling on the bars, or shifting weight rearward! The new dynamic power steering is defiantly the best in the industry. It reduces darting from hitting trail obstacles, and greatly reduces steering effort, especially noticeable at low speed.


4.   The difference with the Can Am set up is that it varies the amount of assist, reducing the amount of assist at higher speed when you don't need it.


3.   Some similar power steering systems can create darty steering on high speed runs.




1.   We had a great ride logging about 65km on muddy roads and snow covered trails. I was surprised that there was so much snow left in the woods and back roads. The trails are easily rideable as the snow was packed tight, making riding on it a lot of fun. The bogs were still frozen so we had a pretty clean ride too. It was a great day, and an awesome first ride for Maffer and his new toy!


Cheers, MIKE

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