January 21, 2012 Goulds Carnage Run: (4 Photos)


4.   Its nearly the end of January, and even though prospects of a great winter were high after our early November storm, the weather quickly got back to normal, at least by East Coast Standards. We still do not have much snow on the ground, but Todd's new sled a previously owned 2010 REV XRS 800r recently arrived and he was itching for a test ride after a 15cm storm earlier this week.


3.   Bill loaded up his 2010 Nytro XTX and met Todd on Power's Road in the Goulds.


2.   The boys made it a total of 6 kilometres before Todd jumped his sled hooking a granite ledge in one of the fields! With a severely bent lower A-Arm, his day was finished, Bill played around for a 1/2 hour before calling it a day.


1.   Not a great start to the sledding season, but its better then not riding at all (for Bill anyway!)


Cheers, MIKE

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