February 7, 2012 Petty Harbor Run: (1 Photo)



1.   Now we're finally getting some snow. Not a hell of a lot, but enough to start getting some rides in. After our last run, Long decided to trade his Grizzly and tracks for a sled to keep up with the crew. After a drive to the tip of the Northern Peninsula, Long returned with a 2009 REV 800r short track. The sled is in great shape, equipped with a 1.75" Rip Saw Track, Protaper bars, Gas Caddy, Hand Guards, bar riser, and low windshield.

He was itching for a ride, so he Bill and Todd left the Goulds after supper for a night ride in the fields, eventually making their way over to Petty Harbour. The boys said the snow was decent and they had a great ride. It was too dark to take any sensible pictures, but they had a blast and didn't break anything!


Cheers, MIKE

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