February 10-11, 2012 Cabin Overnighter: (24 Photos)


24.   Well its the middle of February, and after a week of back to back snowfalls, we finally have great snow accumulation on the ground. Even a little rain at the end of Thursday's storm didn't dampen our spirits as we planned a Saturday ride at Sooley's Cabin in Whitbourne. Janes and I decided to head up Friday evening to clear the driveway and have everything straightened away for when the crew arrived Saturday morning so we could maximize our time on the sleds.


23.   We arrived at the cabin around supper time, I unloaded my Honda 9/28 snow blower and started in at the daunting task of clearing the very long driveway, and rather large parking area. The snow was nearly 2 feet deep and heavy with the recent rain. The good 'ol Honda powered through working like a champ for 3 hours straight to clear the driveway and enough room at the cabin to park 2 trucks and my trailer.


22.   We finished the evening by checking the ice on the pond, making a hearty supper, and enjoying a few beer.


21.   Early the next morning, Janes and I headed to Monty's Place for breakfast. Its hard to pas up an awesome breakfast at Monty's when your only 5 minutes away.


20.   We returned to the cabin and I spent another hour clearing the rest of the parking lot just in time for Bill, Long, and Sooley to arrive and park.


19.   The boys quickly unloaded their sleds and we spent the day riding, jumping, skimming water and thoroughly enjoying the 2 feet of snow.








15.   Conditions were pretty darn awesome, with pretty even coverage everywhere as opposed to open areas being barren of snow. An open spot of water on the pole line stopped most people heading West, so we enjoyed the whole countryside to ourselves breaking lots of trail and burning gas.


14.   Throughout the day there were lots of stucks, lots of stucks in trees, and one stuck in a bog.




12.   A stick managed to pop off the steering connection on my left ADSA arm, a quick fix with the sled's tool kit had it properly secured in no time.




















2.   That afternoon we made it to Monty's Place on sleds and had an awesome lunch before heading back to finish out the afternoon. Bill had to head back to town early, and Sooley sat out the afternoon ride after hitting a rock earlier that day.


1.   Long and I spent the next 2 hours finding and riding every hill and powder cache in the area.

It was an awesome day, with deep snow, some minor sled carnage, and lots of fun. If the forecast didn't have a heavy rainfall warning for Sunday, we would have stayed up an extra night. We plan to have our full on Annual Cabin Trip next weekend, but the forecast isn't shaping up well so we'll see how it pans out.


Cheers, MIKE

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