March 4, 2011 Southern Harbor Crew: (12 Photos)





11.   This past weekend Sandra and I headed out to Southern Harbour to celebrate her Mom's birthday. I didn't have my sled with me, but the crew out there did get out for a couple decent runs, hopefully not the last ones before the snow goes.


10.   Friday morning Joe, Captain H., Young Joe and Calvin left Southern Harbour and headed cross country to Goobies for gas, and then headed into the backcountry towards Black River. Even with mild weather last week there is still a lot of snow in the country and the guys had an awesome day hill climbing and jumping drifts.




8.   A few stucks, lots of trees ran over and Joe's RX1 tipped on its side were the only incidents, luckily with no casualties.






5.   Although Saturday brought sunny skies and ideal riding conditions, family illness postponed the planned run until Sunday. Sunday morning the guys left Southern Harbour (minus Calvin since he broke off the front suspension on his Scandic) and headed to Tim Horton's in Clarenville for breakfast.


4.   After fuelling, up the guys headed to the back of White Hills where snow conditions were ideal and they spent the afternoon climbing the hills and chutes.




2.   Joe managed to bend up 2 A-arms on his RX1, showing once again that rocks are still stronger then sleds.


1.   On another note, the Provincial Trail Way has finally been repaired after Hurricane Igor caused many sections of trail to be washed away. The trail is passable and back in great shape.


Cheers, MIKE

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