January 15, 2011 Goulds Sled Run: (5 Photos)


5.   Once again, this winter was very slow to start. We had one good 40cm snowfall in December, but with no frost in the ground, all ponds open and bogs still flooded, most of our crew didn't bother to get out for a run. It was mid January before we got out next decent snowfall, this time the bogs were a little better, (but not by much) and ponds still not frozen. On January 15, 2011 Sooley, French, Bill and Max got out for a run in the Goulds area, unfortunately I couldn't get out as I was working.


4.   The guys left the trucks to find some fresh powder to carve up in some of the fields around powers road. The fields are a pretty safe for not hitting rocks as they are mowed for hay in the summer, so these obstacles are usually removed. To anyone using these fields, please respect the farmers and don't dig trenches down to the soil. These fields are someone's livelihood.


3.   Unfortunately the guys ride was cut short when Max's renegade 800r developed engine trouble, luckily he managed to limp back to the trucks.




1.   It turns out the center crank bearing crapped out, but the motor was pulled and professionally built by the crew at Drive Line in the Goulds. From what I've seen and heard they do great work, and their rates are very reasonable.


Cheers, MIKE

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