January 24, 2010 Goulds Run: (5 Photos)


5.   Well its 2 weeks later and another snowstorm gave us the oppourtunity to take our 2nd sled ride of the year. Sooley, Bill and I left from Power's Road in the Goulds to check out some snow drifts in the fields in that area.


4.   There still wasn't enough snow down to cover rocks and stumps on some of the side trails which are pretty rough. However, we did manage to find fresh powder and drifts in the fields, and the main roads were decently covered, the ski carbides clicking a stone here and there.


3.   We played around in a lot of the fields and later crossed to Northern Pond Road via Chicken Farm Road, which was in awesome shape. Bills RX1 with the Hartman 136" extension kit and 136x15x1.5" Camoplast Intense track was working awesome, it was the first time I'd seen his sled since he had it installed.


2.   Unfortunately our trip was cut short after my machine shut off and would not restart on Northern Pond Road. It turns out the oiler gear crapped out and my recently installed 583 motor melted down due to lack of injection oil. Its a shame since the 583 was working so well, but it had a lot of miles so I'll reinstall my perfectly good 500 over the next week or so.


1.   Sooley got a chance to try his new Renegade at towing, and pulled my sled back to the trucks. It was a slow ride, but quiet too!


Cheers, MIKE

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