January 16-19, 2009 Southern Harbor: (7 Photos)


7.   With Wednesday's snowstorm fresh in my mind, I was looking forward to a great weekend riding with the crew in Southern Harbor. Unfortunately rain at the end of the storm was followed by temperatures dropping to -15 c, meant that all the Trailway was now a sheet of ice. Not having a studded track nor ice scratchers I decided to leave my sled home for this trip around the bay.


6.   This weekend a couple of the guys picked up new rides. Captain H. picked up a 1999 MXZ 670H.O. in fantastic condition,




4.   and sold his 1996 Formula 583 to Young Joe...looks like no more 250 Citations for him!!!




2.   Old Joe came out from town with his RX1, and Scott was around to show off his new Polaris 800 Dragon. Even though the weather didn't pan out for a decent run, we did get a lot of bugs worked out of the sleds for when the weather turns favorable. Captain H. had some pull cord mechanism trouble and a belt failure, young Joe installed a new Pull cord and had a minor problem starting the sled from being flooded, and Old Joe found out that an RX1 with a defective battery sucks!!! No sled should have electric start only!


1.   This year Tyson will be proudly sporting the old Orange Tundra. The guys did try to get a short run in, but the sleds were overheating and hyfax was suffering. Looks like I made the right decision by leaving my sled in town! Hopefully the weather will be better next weekend to get some sensible miles logged and have a cook up back in the country!


Cheers, MIKE

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